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Hi there! My name is Holly. I'm an oil painter from Bergen County, New Jersey. While I have a degree in Visual Arts, which included a semester abroad in Florence, Italy, I didn’t always think I’d have a career as an artist.

During my college years I supported myself as a mobile pet groomer, which was a really fun job, as I’ve loved animals my whole life. I adored meeting all kinds of dogs and cats and loved taking care of them.

Holly Bianchi_Headshot.jpg

After graduating from college, I went to work in an office, and while this job was less taxing physically than pet grooming, it was uncreative, bureaucratic, and stressful. With the onset of the pandemic, I realized life is indeed short, and I wanted to work at something that would bring me joy. Something creative.

So with that, in 2021 I made the bold decision to step away from the corporate world and fully embrace a career in art. This transition was both terrifying and exciting for me, but I can now say I am so happy I made this decision. For the first time in my life, I feel like I am doing what I am meant to be doing.

Painting is more than just a hobby for me; it has become my life's passion. There is something so special about bringing what I see to life on the canvas. I find the process of mixing of colors, creating form, using light and shadow to build a piece of art so inspiring. 

A number of my artworks are pet portraits, though I also paint still life and nature scenes in between commissions. However, I find that pet portraits are the most rewarding for me personally. Seeing the smiles, and sometimes tears, on clients’ faces is the greatest reward. Some of their pets are no longer here, but through careful attention and detail, I am able to bring them to life, and capture their unique personalities. I find so much fulfillment in transforming pets into timeless works of art, highlighting the special bond between animals and their owners. 

In all my work, regardless of the subject, I strive to achieve a remarkable level of realism, capturing subjects with precision and sensitivity. I work from photographs, using a layered approach, and progress from broad shapes to intricate details. Working this way demands a significant investment of time, usually several hours per piece. Nevertheless, I take pride in all my work and I find the investment of time to be worth the effort.

My motivation as an artist lies in my desire to share the intrinsic beauty of the world, allowing viewers to resonate with the subject matter, whether that be scenes of nature, close ups of fruit, a beloved pet, or even memories made while skiing. I continue to explore new horizons, seeking inspiration in my experiences and capturing them on my canvas. I hope my art brings you joy.


Kitties Mock Up.jpg

My beloved babies, Caesar & Otto

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Who'd Have Thought..., Juror Kathryn Glaser, Koether Art Gallery, Crane's Mill Towne Square, West Caldwell NJ, 2022

Maywood Art in the Park, Maywood NJ, 2022

Fourth Annual Beach Haven Art Walk, Beach Haven NJ, 2022

Art of the Flower Juried Exhibition, Juror Maureen Gass-Brown, Medford Arts Center, Medford NJ, 2022

The Very Affordable Art Show, Art House Gallery, Jersey City, NJ, 2021

National Juried Exhibition, Juror Charles W. Goolsby, Oxford Arts Alliance, Oxford PA, 2021

Landscape Competition, Art Show International, Online Gallery, 2020

Trees & Fields, Art Room Gallery, Online Gallery, 2020

Animals, Light Space Time, Online Gallery, 2020
Prime Senior Thesis Exhibition, Ramapo College, Mahwah, NJ, May 2014
Career Students Joint Exhibition, DIVA, Florence, Italy, May 2013
FUA Exhibition, Ganzo, Florence, Italy, May 2013
Blending Magazine, FUA, Florence, Italy, May 2013
Interview with Alyssa Stein for DIVA, FUA, Florence, Italy, Apr-May 2013
    Red Door Gallery, Passaic, New Jersey, 2011

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