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Pet Portrait Commissions - Flex & Hogan

I wanted to share a couple of my latest pet portrait commissions, Flex and Hogan. Flex's portrait was done earlier in the year and was in memoriam of a wonderful feline family member. Flex was an all black cat with a small patch of white on his belly. While he had many favorite spots in the house, we decided he looked best on his cat tower, overseeing his kingdom. Flex was a bit camera shy, and so I used several photos of him to piece together this regal portrait. After the painting was complete, a black, gold, and red frame was selected, and the portrait hangs in the client's home, where I have no doubt he is cherished daily.

oil painting cat pet portrait
Framed Portrait of Flex, 11"x14" oil on panel

In the short video below, you can see how I went about painting his face.

Then there is Hogan, who has the perfect "puppy dog eyes." His portrait was a surprise for the client's brother, and from all I have heard, they were delighted to receive it. His portrait below was based on a photo where he had just had a fresh haircut. His dog bed was added for context. For this painting, a black and pewter frame was chosen to compliment him.

dog pet portrait oil painting
Framed Portrait of Hogan, 11"x14" oil on panel

Below is a reel from my Instagram account, @hollybianchi_art of Hogan's portrait process. This video is a bit more in-depth from drawing to painting to varnishing and framing.

Both Flex and Hogan were a joy to paint. Being someone who has always loved animals, they are some of my favorite subjects. If you are thinking of gifting a pet portrait this upcoming holiday season, I have a few commission openings left and would love to hear from you. Contact me here to get started.

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